Chris Kramer Foundation

The Chris Kramer Foundation

is a charitable foundation under civil law with legal capacity and is based in Dortmund/Germany. The purpose of the foundation is the promotion of art and culture, youth welfare, the support of victims of war and disaster and other charitable purposes.

Among other things, the „Charitable Chris Kramer Foundation“ has supported the project „The Little Harmonica“ from the very beginning. This project provides free music and harmonica lessons to school children of all ages. Each child receives a harmonica to keep after completing the project. Additionally,  numerous events for children and adolescent boys and girls have been implemented as part of „The Little Harmonica“ program. Up to 200 children participated on stage as singers, dancers, actors and musicians.

These substantial projects could only be realized thanks to the help of donations from various banks, companies and private individuals, for which we are very grateful.

The foundation is dependent on donations that enable us to support many projects. We are happy and thankfurl for every donation, no matter how small, that supports the „Chris Kramer Foundation“. Of course, we will gladly issue a receipt for your donation.

Please consider donating and supporting our foundation:

Gemeinnützige Chris Kramer Stiftung
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