The Little Harmonica and the Coronavirus

The cautious reopening of schools and other institutions of education presents a great challenge to everybody involved. Hygiene measures must be developed and implemented. Children will have to learn to deal with the new corona situation and its psychological impact.

My name is Chris Kramer. In order to provide support and in cooperation with the music pedagogue Oliver Krajewski, I have developed suitable teaching materials and an audio book for different age groups. These materials are now available free of charge to all teachers as well as parents and other educators.

The story explains the current corona situation in an age-appropriate manner. The necessity and importance of following hygiene rules, social distancing and wearing masks is conveyed in catchy songs. Most of the songs were composed specifically for this project: „Wash Your Hands“, „The Virus Song“  „Please Get Better Soon “ and „Thanks A Lot For All You Do“, an ode to essential workers. These songs provide many helpful tips for children, help them understand the current situation and fit well within the framework of an exciting story – and they’re fun to listen to and sing. We are also providing various worksheets that will help the children remember and internalize what they have learned.

One thing is for sure: „We are doing the right thing now, these times are strange and new. Show reason and respect. Are you ready to?“

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